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Gold Bar Caramel Corn

There is certain nostalgia about caramel corn. When it is done correctly there nothing else on the planet that is quite like it. Popcorn with caramel drenching it’s every pore turns into a caramelized corn sensation. There are many recipes for caramel corn, but the gooey chewy caramel corn is the best caramel corn! During the Holidays, people make caramel popcorn balls or caramel bars. Moms and Grandma’s for generations have endeared themselves with their well received caramel balls or popcorn bars.  That’s a good trick grandma! This is how most people know of the product, and how they think the product should be. So far no store bought brand has even come close to good old fashioned homemade carmel corn. Until now you haven’t been able to walk into your local grocer and find pop corn balls or any type of soft caramel corn. Why would you buy caramel corn that is as hard as a rock? Some brands tell you to take it home and put it in the microwave. If a microwave is needed before you can enjoy the product, then it is not a very good caramel pop corn in our opinion. A great caramel for popcorn should always be soft, gooey, and chewy because it is a great caramel, not because you need to melt it first.  Give our brand a try, we guarantee it will stay soft and gooey. Be warned that it is incredibly addictive and you’ll probably never be able to eat any other brand once you’ve tried it. Grandma just lost her leverage; this is worth the weight in Gold!

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